Home staging

What is Home Staging and what is it for?
It means preparing your property for sale or rent. This is perhaps one of the most important tools of professional real estate sales, because it guarantees a real increase in value that can be measured in profit.
The goal is to gain a competitive advantage in the real estate market without major renovations or major financial outlays, with which you can attract your paying target audience in a short period of time.

In the case of properties advertised with Home Staging, your buyer or tenant can become more committed even before viewing the property, leaving less room for negotiation.

How is Home Staging different from interior design?

An interior decorator tailors the home to the style of the residents living in the given property. During the process of Home Staging we strive to create a cozy interior that radiates a "feeling at home" for everyone using the defined budget, so the ad targets the audience and helps to rent out or sell the property in no time and with high cost efficiency.
Home Staging shortens the time needed for getting the apartment sold or rented out while maximizes the value of the property and emphasizes its presence on the market.

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