Property management

  • Maintaining contact with the condominium managers, relaying information between the condominium managers and the owner.
  • Contact between tenants and owner.
  • Transcription of utility meters to the name of the tenant or owner, management and follow-up of invoices. Payment of utility fees from the amount of the money what we receive from the owner or the tenant.

  • Organization of necessary maintenance and repairs within the home based on written authorization and expenses of the owner.
  • Organization of cleaning if necessary, based on written authorization and at the expense of the owner.
  • Inspection of the property at certain intervals, depending on whether it is occupied by a tenant or vacant.
  • Check rent and common expenses transfer on a monthly basis.
  • Continuous recording of expenses related to real estate broken down into annual, monthly and daily levels, in table and diagram view.
  • If necessary, at the request of the owner, issuing an invoice to the tenant on behalf of the owner.
  • Receiving and handling mail and invoices, checking the mailbox of the property at certain intervals.
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